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Have you ever known someone who claimed to know God, but simply had no sign of Him in their life.  Some time ago, I worked with a man like this.  He would often mention Church or Sunday School, but between

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  Most of the Christians I deal with are honest God-fearing people. Unfortunately, there are a few others who make a pastor’s life hard. Even though many are aware of the scriptures against behaving in such a manner, they’re spoiled

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Forget It!

We’re urged throughout the Bible to repent for our mistakes… and then to simply forget them!  Isn’t it interesting how our enemy would have us remember every stumble.  Constantly reminding us of our shortcomings!  That’s one of his best plays. 

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Are people’s lives changing in the church where you congregate?  Are people still giving their lives to Christ?  Are people being healed by the Spirit of God?  If not, it’s not because God’s Spirit is any weaker or less capable

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Are You Withholding Information?

I was speaking with a young Christian girl the other day.  She was telling me about her relationship with a good friend of hers.  It seems they’ve been friends for years and I suppose they’re typical young girls.  You know

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Divide and Conquer

This day and age we live closer and closer to people, but they, more often than not, are mostly complete strangers. In fact, many people live within a few yards of dozens of people, and don’t have a friend in

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Do Unto Others?

I met a lady the other day who claimed to be a devoted Christian, but who hasn’t been to church in years. I originally thought those two things couldn’t go together, but I think I was wrong. As it turns

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Why Attend Church?

How many times have you heard Christians remark that they can worship God just as well at home as they can at church? My response is usually something like, “Sure you can, but do you?” I know the church is

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