Month: June 2017

Stress Relief?

Is there something or someone that makes you feel more comfortable?  When you’re feeling stressed out is there a place you run to (either real, or in your mind) that seems to help?  I took a class once where the

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I heard an interesting statistic on a commercial today. It was for one of those weight loss clinics.  They boldly stated that people who joined their program lost three times as much weight as those who didn’t.  My guess is

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Empty Hands?

We are incredibly valuable to God, but not because we bring anything of value to the relationship.  We are tainted by sin, and it is only by His grace that we even keep our breath.  The pride and arrogance in

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Weeding a garden can be hard work, especially when someone is coming along and sowing the seeds of weeds when you’re not looking!  It’s so difficult in fact, that God Himself will be doing the weeding of His garden.  He

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“Oh, How Very Happy!”

When you hear “thou shalt not” quoted from the Bible do you think to yourself, “There’s another thing I can’t do!”  When God says not to do something He’s actually not being a colossal party-pooper, but actually a great Father

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Everything to Lose

Jesus, speaking with the Pharisees. “Once more Jesus said to them, ‘I am going away, and you will look for me, and you will die in your sin.  Where I go, you cannot come.’  This made the Jews ask, ‘Will

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  I heard a guy speaking with a friend of his the other day about some difficult times he was getting ready to face. After a minute or two of lamenting, I heard the friend he was speaking to remark,

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  These days it would be about impossible to find a person who hasn’t heard the phrase, “Take responsibility for your actions.” It seems like just about everyone is “pro responsibility” these days (with the obvious political exceptions). Fathers need

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It’s Too Heavy!

  I get the impression from a few of my unchurched friends that they think becoming “religious” is too difficult–the standards are too high and the people are too judgmental.  I guess I tend to agree with them to a

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As Christians, we’ve all heard it said that we need to put God first in our lives.  I don’t know about most people, but I don’t have a real problem considering God more important than me.  After all, He’s God,

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